About us

Who We Are

The journey of EVESON IT is quite an interesting story. Like majority of the techloving youths, the peers of same interest always had the chat on how the technological advancement of this country is massively transforming the way of works in Bangladesh. They always had thoughtful opinions on where to emphasis, how the world is progressing and where to put the thoughts in action in the perspective of Bangladesh.Then it came as a lightening that why don’t we start a journey on this path, be apart of the transformation where our contribution can make a change in the wave of change.

Our thoughts were put into action and with diversely talented peers, we have started out our operation in the field of Web Design and Development, Web App Development, Mobile Software Development, Desktop Software Development, Consultation on Information and Technology related services, Spatial Image Analysis, Spatial Mapping, Scientific Research and Publication of the research findings on International Research Articles and Conferences.